Paint Horse, Stallion

I bought Maximus as a 3 year old in 2011 to be my trick riding horse. Circumstances led that to not be the case. He's more my pet, and trail riding buddy. He loves to get out and really loves his adopted "brother" Emilio. Maximus is so special to me, so smart and easy to train. I broke him to ride and took him on a big trail ride with tons of mares when he was 5, and had just 30 days under saddle. He's a super star. I bought him because he reminded me so much of a wonderful trick horse I'd worked with named Cisco, and he was overflowing with personality. Maximus was a Halter champion in Oregon as a yearling and 2 year old.

His registered name is Lasting Looks : Lasting Approval x Blonde Autograph

Silver Leather Studio, LLC


Percheron, Gelding

This guy is a big deal to me...

We spent 5 years together training and performing on a world tour (US, Canada, Mexico, Australia, United Arab Emirates, Belgium, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan). We had a rocky start. He was not friendly, and not interested in a relationship when we met. But, we had to work together. With years of patients, his shell opened up, and he would do anything for me. So, when the time came, the show, and I, decided we couldn't be separated... so I adopted him...

Today, he's at my barn, a favorite and loved by all. But, most of all by me. My big sweet marshmallow, Emilio.

Anyone who has really let a horse into their life, can understand that they are something special. Not only do I love horses, but in my line of work, as an Equestrian Performer, I trusted my horses with my life every show.

I wanted to create something that I could cherish and remember each of them by. Voila! Jewelry.

I had seen Horsehair Jewelry before, but I wasn't impressed by the quality. So, my goal was to make a product out of the finest materials available, at a price we can afford.

Each design in my collection reflects a horse that has had an impact on my life.

However, I do custom designs if you would like something special for your horse.

Meet the boys...

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