Silver Leather Studio, LLC

The Oakey

Hammered silver center, loop hook and gem stone

The Pogo

Silver wrapped horsehair and gem stone pendant

The Center Ring

Silver wrapped horsehair spiral

The Beck

Small silver curl and large center stone clasp


Stacked stones on sterling silver

The Miracle

Hammered silver scroll and large stone clasp

The E-mi

Silver scroll clasp with interchangeable center

The Opinel

Mirroring silver swirls and Swarovski crystal beads

The Native

Linked silver scrolls, turquoise stones, and a silver feather

The Cisco

Silver scrolls and bulk side wrapping


Large gem stone, sterling silver, Swarovski Crystal bead, and charm

The Zinco

Hammered silver loop hook and 4 strand braid

That's a Wrap

Double wrap 4 strand braid with silver scroll hook clasp

Necklace/Pendant  Collection

The Miracle Swirl

Hammered silver scroll and swirl on stone clasp

The Maximus

Silver curl with an incorporated infinity symbol

The Beau

Hammered silver scroll wrap around

Horse Hair Bracelet Collection

A wonderful way to always have that special horse with you!

Custom built with your own horse hair - or I can provide a variety of colors.

The Mane Profile

Sterling silver wire wrapped horse head with twisted horsehair

The Tango

Hammered silver scroll and interchangeable center

The Infinity

Silver infinity symbol and Swarovski crystal charm

The Auburn West

Silver circular design, gem stone and hook closure


Fluorite gem stones, sterling silver and charms

The Zinco Stone

Hammered silver loop hook, gem stone and 4 strand braid


Gem stone, leather cord, chain, and heart charm

The Whole-hearted

Hammered silver heart center and gem stone

Horse Hair Sets

The Smokey Set

Silver wrapped horsehair and gem stones custom for Mothers and Daughters

The Opi-heart

Silver heart-shaped swirl and stone charm

Horse Hair Key Chain Collection

The Pogo Set

Silver wrapped horsehair and gem stones

The Emilio

A classic look, round closure, hammered with hook

The Profile

Hand-crafted sterling silver wire horse head and Swarovski Crystal

Sterling Silver

Horse Hair Jewelry Collection


Quartz gem stones, silver chain and charms

The Auburn

Silver circular design, clasp and Swarovski crystal charm


Quartz gem stones, silver wrapping, and charms

Le Taranis

Stone clasp hook / loop and elegant tight wrapping

The Armas

Silver horseshoe and elegant tight wrapping