Silver Leather Studio, LLC


  • Brings out the best in people.
  • Calms an overactive mind and energizes the imagination.
  • Awakens a sense of adventure and change.
  • Good for the mind.
  • Amplifies happiness, joy and sense of security.
  • The most powerful protector.


  • The stone, usually gray-green, dark grey, or greyish-white, is composed in aggregate layers that refract light as iridescent flashes of blue, gold, green, or coppery red. It was discovered in Labrador, Canada, by Moravian missionaries in 1770. However, referenced in legends by older Inuit tribes, and was know to be in use by the Boethuk peoples of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Style : Oval

Style : Custom Squares

Style : Round 4mm

Have a custom bracelet made with your horse hair and the stone of your choice.


Style : Round 6mm

Style : Tumbled Nugget