A classic look, round closure, center stone and hook

The Emilio

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New Release!

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Your Horse Hair!

This bracelet was modeled for my horse Emilio - but it can easily be made with your horses hair! Shipping your hair to me is easy. All I need is about a pencil length and width of your horses tail.

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Incorporated Stones:

Brings out the best in people.
Calms an overactive mind and energizes the imagination.
Awakens a sense of adventure and an acceptance of change.

Swarovski Crystal
Man-made gems manufactured in Austria. Precision-cut, beautiful, high quality crystals made up of quartz, sand, and minerals.

.925 Sterling Silver Wire

Hammered texture round center with wire suspended stone.

Bracelet shown with Crazy Lace Agate stone

Clear Swarovski Crystal Charm stacked with Czech Glass bead


Horse Hair bracelet collection

Silver Leather Studio, LLC

All horsehair is shampooed and conditioned before use. Bracelets are held together by the tension of the wire wrapping, never by glue, meaning they are built to last! and withstand water.

Each bracelet is crafted by hand using natural stones, meaning no two bracelets are exactly alike.