Silver Leather Studio, LLC

The Opinel

mirroring silver swirls and Swarovski crystal beads

twisted horse hair with silver wrap

All horsehair is shampooed and conditioned before use. Bracelets are held together by the tension of the wire, never by glue, meaning they are built to last! and withstand water.

Each bracelet is crafted by hand, meaning no two bracelets are exactly alike.

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Your Horsehair!
Any of these styles can be made with your own horses hair! Shipping your hair to me is easy. All I need is about a pencil length and width of your horses tail.
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Incorporated Stones:

Fancy Jasper

Is a stone of gentleness and relaxation.

It enhances one's ability to relax and bring tranquility, comforting, wholeness and healing.

Relieves fear, frustration, and guilt, building an inner strength and confidence.


Brings out the vest in people.

Calms an overactive ind and energizes the imagination.

Awakens a sense of adventure and change.

Horse Hair bracelet collection

.925 Sterling Silver Wire

2 Swarovski Crystal Beads

Gem Stone Bead Charm

Swarovski Crystal / Sterling Silver Bead Charm

$68 USD